All racing stables are not created equal. This is why MCPEEK RACING is different:

  1. We have at our disposal the benefit of training horses on our farm in Lexington, upon which we  have the ability to train on turf, polytrack, or sand, either right or left handed. There are also plenty of paddocks for horses to be turned out. These advantages can keep a horse happy, and can help with soundness problems.

  2. Stable is run following the "One Minute Manager" (Authors: Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. and Spencer Johnson, M.D.) - this allows our team to focus on the details of the daily care of each horse. Each member of our staff has a job description and they know what to do and when during the course of their work.

  3. Kenny has an in-depth knowledge of both pedigrees and training which is an advantage when deciding the distance or surface an individual horse should compete. This knowledge is especially helpful at a sale, when evaluating many horses in a short period of time.

  4. Kenny has had the good fortune of having run well in some of the biggest races in the country, including the Kentucky Derby , the Breeders' Cup, the Preakness, and the Belmont, just to name a few. McPeek-trained horses have won over 115 stakes races and placed in many more in Kenny's over 25 years of training.  McPeek Racing has expanded worldwide, with Kenny's extensive experience in selecting top-quality South American horses to race in the U.S., as well as successful starters in England at Royal Ascot and Dubai.

  5. Kenny helps you manage your horse when it is away from one of our divisions. He does the things which are in the long-term best interest of each individual horse. This includes following up on any rest time that your horse may need or even veterinary care that is necessary. With McPeek Racing, owning a horse is worry free. Kenny handles any problems that come up with your best interest always in mind

  6. We always use the highest quality feed, straw, and hay. We never settle for second rate products. If the products are not up to our high standards, we send them back. We use and believe that Hallway Feeds are the finest products available to the Thoroughbred racing Industry. Above all the Hallway Feeds team provides us with the highest standard of technical expertise and support. We invite you to visit their Web site to see what Hallway Feeds can do for your racing and breeding operation.

  7. Our equipment is of the highest quality. Each horse is sent to the track in the best leather saddles and bridles.

  8. Protection from unnecessary cuts or abrasions is provided daily. Each groom sets four bandages prior to training and following all morning workouts. This ensures that every leg on each horse has been seen daily.

  9. A temperature and feed chart is filled out each and every morning prior to a horse going to the racetrack. We are able to recognize an elevated temperature or leftover feed with a glance at this chart. It was installed to prevent or catch an oncoming illness.

  10. All stalls are bedded deeply with straw, and horses receive unlimited hay which is supplied to them both in hay bags and in the corners of the stall. We place a priority that your horse is totally comfortable in its surroundings.

  11. Scales are used to weigh each horse weekly, prior to, and following a race. This allows our staff to monitor weight loss or gain during the rigors of racing or training. We can use this tool to focus in upon an ideal feed program for each horse to perform at its peak.

  12. Our office is located in Lexington, Kentucky and it is at your service when in need of reservations, seating, past performances, entries, or questions which you may need answered.

  13. We will fax you overnights and past performances for your upcoming races from this office when your horse has been entered if you desire.

  14. Vanning to and from racetracks is provided by the stable van. Having our own van gives us an edge in moving your horses efficiently. Shipping to tracks throughout the country in pursuit of winning stakes races is a common practice in our stable

  15. Any stakes nominations are taken care of for you by Kenny and his staff.

  16. Our staff is honest, friendly, and experienced in providing attention to the details in caring for your horse. We operate our stable to please both our client and our horses.

  17. At MCPEEK RACING we strive to be the Mercedes of stables by offering the very best. You can be sure at MCPEEK RACING that your horse will receive top quality care, which each and every horse deserves, in order to reach its potential on the racetrack.

Photo by Susan Lustig McPeek



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