"And They're Off!"

Magdalena Racing allows you to get in the game.

First time horse ownership can be daunting, confusing, and riddled with questions. By owning with Magdalena Racing Partnerships, our team of long-time professionals will guide you through the process while your horse is managed and trained by 30-year veteran Ken McPeek. Co-ownership allows you to have fun throughout the journey as you share the experience with others passionate about horse racing.

Magdalena Racing, with its specialized personnel, is designed for optimally efficient management and care of horses on a daily basis. Through sound business practices, strong relationships, honesty, and good humor, clients know the progress of their horses at all times. Co-ownership allows you to have fun throughout the journey as you share the experience with others passionate about horse racing.

First time owners with Magdalena Racing must have a current National Racing License and be willing to submit to a credit check if necessary. For those needing a National Racing License, we will make the arrangements for an application."

Magdalena Racing offers owners all benefits and experiences of race horse ownership including:


  • Access to race tracks as an owner to experience first-hand the races, workouts, backstretch activities, and unique track energy. Meet the jockeys and trainers.
  • Access to Magdalena Farm where you can view your horse as it trains on our two-mile European style grass galloping track.
  • Concierge services to assist owners in the details of planning and guiding their ownership experiences.
  • And hopefully, posing in the Winner's Circle with your horse!


Transparency is important at Magalena Racing. Prior to purchasing a share with Magdalena, owners agree to the “Magdalena Racing Co-Owners’ Operating Principles” guidelines. We developed these operating principles primarily to ensure owners understand the responsibilities of not only themselves, but also the responsibilities Magdalena Racing has to ensure their horses are managed and cared for before, during, and after their racing careers.


We recognize the fact that horse ownership has inherent financial risks. Magdalena Racing and Ken McPeek don’t sugarcoat the difficulty that comes with buying, training, and racing a successful racehorse. He does, however, have a program in place that gives a horse every chance possible to win.

Before the purchase, we provide an estimated cost of general ownership expenses that gives new owners a general idea of the general investment before the buy in;– yet, each horse comes with a unique set of real needs as they develop that owners must meet.

Fiscal transparency is important at Magalena Racing. Taxes, bookkeeping, and distribution of monies are all handled through an independent accounting firm, ADT Services.


Owners receive owner-specific updates on the progress of their horses’ works, proposed race schedules, veterinary visits, and horse management decisions. Magdalena Racing sends emails, texts, and online updates of photos, videos, race day updates, stable news, and new horses available for co-ownership.


Magdalena Racing and our team want all first time owners to be able to learn about the racing industry from the inside. Although, our experienced team is happy to answer any questions and provide our life-long insight into the world of racing, we have also provided links to industry organizations. There you will find unlimited resources to educate yourself on every aspect of Thoroughbred racing and ownership.