• 20% Minimum Co-ownership Available
  • No Management Fees
  • Typically, Magdalena Racing retains 10% - 20% of each horse
  • Horses managed and trained by Ken McPeek with 30 Years Experience
  • One of the Best Return on Investment in the Business
  • Complete access to our facilities including Magdalena Farm, Saratoga, Belmont, Keeneland, Churchill Downs, etc.
  • Independent Accountant Handles All Taxes and Distributions
  • Owner Concierge Services


Owning a racehorse through a partnership allows people to participate in the greatest game in the world at the level they feel comfortable and with the lowest possible risk to that investment.

Why choose Magdalena Racing? There are two operating principles that set Magdalena Racing apart: our "partnerships" are actually co-ownerships, and the Trainer and Equine Manager, Ken McPeek, typically owns a 10-20% share in each horse.

Magdalena Racing horses are comprised completely of ownership share percentages which protect co-owners from being held liable for the act of any other co-owner, unlike a true partnership.

Additionally, Magdalena Racing's horses are managed and trained by Ken McPeek, who traditionally owns a 10-20% share of each horse. Thereby giving owners confidence and trust that each and every horse is trained and managed properly. "Buying into the partnerships is a very good way to diversify your risk and diversify the expense," McPeek says. "It's also a really good way to learn about the business in the beginning for those a little tentative about getting involved in horse racing and learning all the details. You have to have a group of horses to be successful; you can't just do it with one."

Transparency is important at Magalena Racing. Owners receive regular updates on the progress of their horses' works, proposed race schedules, veterinary visits, and horse management decisions. Taxes, bookkeeping, and distribution of monies are all handled through an independent accounting firm, ADT Services.

Rory Callis, Bloodstock Agent, elaborates on what McPeek says. "People should be unafraid." he says. "The Thoroughbred business has always been considered the Sport of Kings. Over the years, though, it's evolved to where we are now, with public partnerships, so the everyday working people, like the people involved with Noble's Promise, can enjoy horse racing despite not having the kind of money to go buy race horses. Partnerships make it much, much easier for people to participate in horse racing."

Owners with Magdalena Racing Partnerships have access to our facilities including Magdalena Farm, Saratoga, Belmont, Keeneland, Churchill Downs, etc.