All racing stables are not created equal. This is why MCPEEK RACING is different:

  • Kenny McPeek has developed his reputation by building relationships and exceeding the expectations of clients.
  • "Kenny McPeek makes horse ownership a turn-key investment. From the care of the horses, bookkeeping, and making sure owners get great seats.
  • Knowledge of pedigrees, conformation and recognition of athleticism give Kenny the ability to select young horses with a strong chance of success. McPeek, and the bloodstock agents who work for him, are renowned for identifying innate talent others overlook. Examples: Horse of the Year CURLIN for $57,000, G1 millionaire NOBLE'S PROMISE (G1) at auction for $10,000.
  • Kenny has run well in some of the biggest races in the country, including the Kentucky Derby, the Breeders' Cup, the Preakness, and the Belmont, just to name a few. McPeek-trained horses have won close to 200 stakes races and placed in many more.
  • McPeek Racing has expanded worldwide, with Kenny's extensive experience in selecting top-quality South American horses to race in the U.S., as well as successful starters in England at Royal Ascot and Dubai.
  • With McPeek Racing, owning a horse is worry free. Kenny handles any problems that come up with your best interest always in mind.
  • We always use the highest quality feed, straw, and hay. We use and believe that Hallway Feeds are the finest products available to the Thoroughbred racing Industry.
  • Our equipment is of the highest quality. Each horse is sent to the track in the best leather saddles and bridles.
  • Protection from unnecessary cuts or abrasions is provided daily. Each groom sets four bandages prior to training and following all morning workouts. This ensures that every leg on each horse has been seen daily.
  • A temperature and feed chart is filled out each and every morning prior to a horse going to the racetrack. We are able to recognize an elevated temperature or leftover feed with a glance at this chart. It was installed to prevent or catch an oncoming illness.
  • All stalls are bedded deeply with straw, and horses receive unlimited hay which is supplied to them both in hay bags and in the corners of the stall.
  • Scales are used to weigh each horse weekly, and prior to, and following a race. This allows our staff to monitor weight loss or gain during the rigors of racing or training.
  • Our office is located in Lexington, Kentucky and it is at your service when in need of reservations, seating, past performances, entries, or questions which you may need answered.
  • Vanning to and from racetracks is provided by the stable van. Having our own van gives us an edge. Shipping to tracks throughout the country in pursuit of winning stakes races is a common practice in our stable.
  • When the right horse comes along, we ship to Dubai and Royal Ascot.
  • The program, with its specialized personnel, is designed for optimally efficient management and care of horses on a daily basis. Through sound business practices, strong relationships, honesty, and good humor, clients know the progress of their horses at all times.
  • McPeek doesn't sugarcoat the difficulty that comes with buying, training, and racing a successful racehorse. He does, however, have a program in place that gives a horse every chance possible to win.

"I'm not going to give (prospective owners) any notion this is easy at all. It's hard. But we're going to give them a fair shake and be forthright with all the details. We're completely transparent. There are no secrets."
– Ken McPeek